Two heads are better than one – a maxim evidenced by the production and spinning union of Grube & Hovsepian. G&H came into being in 2008 when Florida-based producer Tim Grube reached out to LA-based Mike Hovsepian. Having heard SMG honcho Markus Schulz playing Mike’s tracks on his Global DJ Broadcast show, Tim had picked up on the Coldharbour-edged themes contained in his solo productions. Recognizing a like-mind, he suggested an east-to-west coast spanning partnership – a challenge to which Mike readily accepted.

Together, in an incredibly short space of time, they’ve carved their musical mark on EDM’s landscape, building up a formidable disc/remixography. To date the duo have served up the proverbial sound-storm of club-rocking tracks for many a respected label. Among them have been High Contrast, Arnej Music, Club Elite and – naturally enough – Coldharbour, who’ve shared the spoils of hard fired audio like ‘Invisible’, ‘Conviction’, ‘Pressure’ and their Klauss Goulart collaboration ‘Territory’. On the remix front, they’ve rewired the likes of Markus Schulz’s ‘Do You Dream’, M.I.K.E.’s ‘Mi Casa Su Casa’, Klauss Goulart’s ‘No Man’s Land’ and Aaron Camz’s ‘Distance’. They’ve also reworked more mainstream fare, which of late has come to include indie-popstress Ellie Goulding’s sleeper hit ‘Lights’. This club ordinance has found its way into an increasing high profile litany of DJs wallets – Schulz, Van Buuren, Above & Beyond and Gareth Emery being just some of regular deck supporters. In 2012 the pair teamed up with fellow US producer Elevation for the rapaciously uplifting ‘City of Angels’ and vocalist Tiffany Johnston on ‘Venom’. Of the latter DJ Mag stated “Venom’ could very well become Grube & Hovsepian’s coming-of-age track”, whilst the States-based EDM Magazine said it had “hang-off-every-word lyrics” and “massed atmosphere from start to finish”. They just finished up two collaboration remixes with Markus Schulz from the mainstream indie pop duo, Capital Cities, ‘Safe & Sound’, ‘One Minute More’, that released in 2014 on Capitol Records. 

The pair are no less versed in the turntable arts, with Tim originally having honed his behind-the-decks skills warming up for many a world-class DJ in his native Washington D.C. area. On the other side of the country, Mike blazed a similar trail in California and now collectively their progressive/trance, and electro tinged sets have brought EDM fans flocking in ever-greater numbers.


  1. Solid Stone & Tiffany Johnston – Tempted Solid Stone 03/06/2017

  2. Purple Stories – Slammer Purple Stories 01/18/2016

  3. Markus Schulz – Scream 2: Collected Remixes, Pt. 2 12/22/2014

  4. Markus Schulz Presents Coldharbour Selections: Part 36 (Mainstage Edition) 07/28/2014