Mr. Pit

Better known to his family and friends as Adrian Ivan, it’s under the assumed name of Mr Pit that he’s spent the last 5 years delivering one block-rocking track after another to the world’s trance floors.

Adrian’s studio story began halfway through the last decade when he produced a clutch of well-received tunes for underground imprints like Grooved, Emotive and Super6. In early 2008 he composed what turned out to be his breakthrough track – the epically melodic ‘Shana’. It was snapped up by Coldharbour Recordings and midway through the year became Pit’s debut release on the label. In a charge led by trance overlord (and Coldharbour label boss) Markus Schulz, the genre’s DJ hierarchy hammered it – turning it into one of the tracks of the year.

Thus begun a flourishing artist/label relationship that over the last 4 years has gone from strength to strength and seen the release of over a dozen tracks. Near singlehandedly putting his native Romania on the genre’s map, through tracks like the ‘The Cube’, ‘Vanguard’, the Vicky Fee vocalled ‘Back For More’, ‘Unchanged’ and ‘Deluxe’, Pit established himself as a major production force. Now a cornerstone of the Coldharbour label (and seen by fans as one of its key latter-day sound designers), most recently it’s been the likes of ‘Sky Traffic’, ‘Stamina’ and ‘Overload’ that’s seen Mr Pit continue to reign supreme.

From its erstwhile singularly sweeping harmonic/melodic feel, Pit has future-proofed his sound and latterly introduced tougher, gritty more floor-attacking elements to his music. This has seen the demand for his studio skills rise to yet greater levels and he’s now notched releases on High Contrast Nu Breed and Mainframe as well as his own Well Mixed Records. In early 2012 Markus Schulz licensed both of Adrian’s latest studio creations (‘River Of Hearts’ and ‘Pole Position’) to the tracklisting of his City compilation ‘Los Angeles ‘12’

In his native Romania he has established an impressive reputation behind the decks, once – one that constantly reaches further and further afield. He’s smashed colossal festivals like Sunrise and Global Gathering in Poland and brought floor uproar to clubs like X2 in Indonesia, Russia’s Matrix and GodsKitchen in the UK. On Sunday Feb 19th, Pit made his US DJ debut, playing the Sunday night of Markus Schulz’s Los Angeles ’12 release parties.


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