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Avenue One Exclusive Interview

We had the pleasure of chatting with Avenue One, the dynamic duo of Matt Cerf and Petr Lesko responsible for the captivating Sweet Dreams cover featuring the incredibly talented Jaren. In this exclusive interview, we delve into their artistic journey, and the inspiration behind the song, and gain fascinating insights into what lies ahead. Read the full interview below:


Since you live so far apart geographically, how did you guys first connect with each other?
About 10 years ago, someone I (Matt Cerf) did a collab with (Axelpolo), asked Petr aka Spark7 to do a remix for us, and I was blown away by his production, so I contacted him directly, and we connected instantly. We have been collaborating on various projects until Avenue One really picked up.

Avenue One & Jaren - Sweet Dreams

Avenue One & Jaren – Sweet Dreams

Is there any particular story behind the Avenue One name? And how would you describe your sound to anyone unaware of your work?
We wanted a name that started with an A so we would always be on top of flyers and DJ lists, LOL. It also has a deeper meaning, as we always move forward and stick to our roots, while evolving and innovating to adapt to the current styles of progressive electronic music.

Could you describe your production routine? Is it a continual collective while online together, or do each of you incrementally work on a particular element of a track?
Matt says: Petr has now surpassed me in music production and composition, but we always agree on everything. We are in symbiosis when it comes to music. Sometimes Matt starts an idea and sends it back to Petr, sometimes it’s the other way around. Petr is good at finishing ideas very quickly. Matt does the recording and voice editing. When we are sitting together, we know exactly where the song is going.

Your first release on Coldharbour is Sweet Dreams, paying tribute to the legendary Eurythmics original. The song has been covered numerous times before, so how easy or difficult did you find to interpret a version that could be uniquely identified to your sound?
It was actually easy, and it came so naturally. The original song is dark, and we wanted to keep that vibe while bringing the club feel to it. Jaren’s vocals complemented the music so well, we were literally jumping in the studio when we came up with the first draft.

Sweet Dreams is a collective effort with Jaren, one of the most celebrated trance vocalists. What qualities in her voice allow your musical tones to shine?
Jaren has the perfect voice for this song, her style is dark and melancholic, and very powerful – which is exactly what we were looking for.

Looking beyond the release of Sweet Dreams, what could we expect to hear from Avenue One for the remainder of 2023?
Oh, you aren’t ready for what is coming next…. We have some big surprises for you – wink wink.


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