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Coldharbour Day 2019

Since the first inception of Markus Schulz’s acclaimed Coldharbour Recordings; one ethos has remained paramount throughout its history – family. A congregation of DJs, producers and fans. Srengthening this bond has been the annual Coldharbour Day celebrations – an all day and night radio marathon showcasing the talents and sounds from those who are proud to call the label their home.

And in continuing with tradition, the 2019 edition is headlined by a four hour journey from the owner and founder, Markus Schulz. He is accompanied with a plethora of mixes from the roster with emphasis on past, present and future; and to highlight the success of transition from label to club night, our day also features extensive highlights from the Coldharbour Stage hosted at Montreal’s AIM Electronic Music Festival.

All sets from the celebration are complled here for you to enjoy, over and over again.