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Daxson Exclusive Coldharbour Interview

We recently had a chat with Coldharbour rising star, Daxson on his debut artist album. Details behind the recordings, how he got started, and what is exactly in the future…Read the full interview below:


To anyone unfamiliar with your work, how would you describe yourself and the particular sound you musically portray?

Currently, my sound is focused on the emotions within the melodies. I like to create tracks that uplift your mood and take you to somewhere you can’t quite explain. For me making these melodies is a therapeutic process that comes from within.

When you began to break through as a producer, was there an overall goal in mind for crafting a full artist album? And was there any particular point in your journey that prompted you to begin planning for it?

I believed somewhere down the line, I would work on an artist album, but I didn’t think it would be this early in my career. Before covid, I would work on tracks with upcoming shows in mind and had about four demos already written from 2019. Once 2020 came, and there were suddenly no-shows, my mindset changed, and I needed something new to work towards. With everything else that was happening in my life at the time, it just felt right to capture this chapter of my life as a body of music

The birth of your Daxson moniker went hand in hand with you joining Coldharbour Recordings, and working in development under the stewardship of Markus Schulz. Tell us about the relationship with the label, not just with Markus, but with fellow producers within the family.

It’s a dream come true to be working so closely with the label and TotalVision Talent. It’s crazy to think we’re soon coming up to the 6th anniversary of creating the Daxson alias. Time flies when you’re having fun! It’s no secret I’m a huge Coldharbour fan, with Markus being someone I have so much respect for. He’s directly influenced my music and helped shape my sound today. I like how the label gives newer names on the scene a platform to showcase their sound. It’s down to the artist to make the most of the opportunity. Nifra is a great example, it’s a nice friendship to have as we both have a passion for pushing this particular sound.

One of the tracks on Face the Future is While We Wait, which Markus has gone on record as describing as one of the greatest singles he’s had the privilege of releasing in the history of Coldharbour Recordings. How does a statement like that make you feel?

It’s amazing to hear; when I made this one, it was off the back of Sonder; I wasn’t sure if it was any better. We originally were going to release it in February 2020 with Markus premiering it at ASOT 950, but instead, he played Sonder as it was still going down so well. As 2020 went on, the momentum behind While We Wait grew through the lockdown stream and eventually events, which ended up being great as the track sums up that period of time perfectly. In July 2021, I had my first show after covid and met with Markus in the green room of Panama, he told me While We Wait was the best instrumental trance track he’d heard in the last five years, it blew my mind. It’s been amazing to see the track grow and be loved by so many; the reactions every time I play it are huge.

Face the Future has facilitated the opportunity for you to delve into the aspect of vocal trance, and working with singers for the first time. How have you found that process, and could you describe your mindset toward carving a vocal piece, compared to an instrumental?

For me making a vocal track was definitely a longer and harder process. It was so important that the lyrics fit with the album’s theme, which made finding the right vocalist a long process. When I’m making instrumentals, I’m 100% in control, but with vocals, I’m sharing half of the process with someone else who may have a completely different mindset or direction of the track; in the future, I’d love to work with songwriters & vocalists together in the studio to bounce ideas off each other. I think this process would be so much faster to get the result we both want.

Your Face the Future album will also be available as a limited CD run, sold through the Magik Muzik shop. With the modern-day music world dominated by streaming services, what does it mean to you that something you’ve poured so many hours into can be physically held in your hand as a product?

I’m really happy we’re able to do the CD so I can actually hold and feel the project I’ve been working on for over three years. It’s going to be special to have.

Is there a particular message or emotion that you wanted to convey with the album title of Face the Future?

The album’s message is basically to play with the cards you are dealt with in life, you don’t know what is around the corner or what challenges you will face. It’s how you make the best out of any situation to get through these times.

Now that the milestone of an artist album has been achieved, can you allow yourself to reflect and assess your journey and achievements in the industry to date? Is there any particular moment that will remain with you throughout?

Every year since I started the Daxson alias, there’s been a special moment that will remain with me. From getting my first track ‘Skygarden’ signed, which was made specifically for Markus’ set at Transmission festival, to getting booked to play for the same festival this year. It’s been some journey!

Do you have any particular interests or passions outside of music?

I support Newcastle as thats where I’m originally from but don’t get a chance to go to the matches anymore. Also follow the F1 which is something I used to watch as a kid but lost touch over the years and now loving it again.

We wish you every success with the album. Can fans look forward to you celebrating the release with a Face the Future tour?

Thank you! October is looking to be a busy month with shows planned in Manchester, London, Amsterdam and then the massive Transmission Festival in Poland. We’re working on more dates to be added soon including a return to USA.