Anske – Suncatcher

Release date: 2021-10-01

Ever since undertaking the task of contributing towards the legendary In Search of Sunrise series, Markus Schulz has leant on the talents of Anske more than most. For the 17th edition, the Lithuanian answers the call once again in fine style, through the appropriately titled Suncatcher.

It marks his third production credit in the series, following on from the wonderful dreamy tones of The Light in You and Space Howl.

Finding itself in the first quarter of Markus Schulz’s ISOS 17 journey, Suncatcher is an important cog in setting the tone of what the mix entails, with a strong bassline bubbling underneath some mystical sounding melodies. Encapsulated by the typical Anske quality we’ve come to love, Suncatcher cements his own ISOS portfolio further.