Anske & Victoriya – Love Won’t End

Release date: 2018-06-15

The fifth and final piece of our inaugural all-vocal trance presentation EP, In Bloom, arrives at the hands of one of Coldharbour’s rising talents. A tender piece for the trancefamily, Anske and Victoriya combine for Love Won’t End.

Already demonstrating his anthemic side, from the melodic Starlight to the brazen Powerball, the Lithuanian has quickly become an ever-reliable source of quality, and particularly present through Markus Schulz’s live and radio platforms.

Specifically earmarked by Markus to contribute towards the In Bloom EP; Anske’s melodies dovetail impressively with Victoriya’s calm and chilling vocals. And as spring slowly becomes summer, we hope the affection for Love Won’t End will continue for a while yet.