Arkham Knights – Distorted Reality E.P.

Release date: 2020-06-12

With every step, Arkham Knights find themselves escalating towards dance music’s summit. Distinctively built across a cocoon of trance, techno and progressive, their primary summer offering is again an adventurous approach, in the form of the Distorted Reality E.P.

If trance is your preferred choice, Subconscious will immediately grab your attention; whereas those who love their bassline driven pieces will be drawn to the devilish Closing In. If melodic techno is your thing, then Distorted ticks all the boxes, but if straight fire techno is what you’re after, The Vision is among its finest exponents.

With all four combined, this ever impressive and broadening palette by Ben and Stuart Turner continues to delight their legion of followers. With such a diverse arsenal, the Distorted Reality E.P. will emanate extensively through dance music’s broad church.