Arkham Knights – Fall From Innocence

Release date: 2019-03-08

If one undertakes a thorough examination of the ever changing and evolving landscape of trance music this decade, few have made as impactful and long-lasting impression as Arkham Knights. An engaging breakthrough is countered with expectation; passed impressively through cumulative years, and through experience, the breadth of soundscape and storytelling widens.

The brothers Ben and Stuart Turner are ready to unveil their most extensive release to date – the five-track length Fall from Innocence EP – showcasing their drive and passion harnessed in the journey from bedroom producer to festival contributor.

As their subscriber base has expanded, through support and guidance from mentor Markus Schulz, their studio versatility becomes reflected in their increasing roles as DJs – whether headlining Coldharbour’s club nights or being the warmup act for major international stars.

The Fall from Innocence EP reflects these experiences, as well as their love for the art; and all staying true to their core sound of dark, techno-inspired trance.

From their rabbithole inducing title track, to the peaks of Se7en Seconds Until Transfer; and from the scene-setting First Light to the hypnotic Renaissance, the Fall from Innocence EP ticks all the boxes those who love the full spectrum that trance fans and Coldharbour fans adore. The vocal-driven aspect is also included, as the boys revisited their remix of Solid Stone & Jennifer Rene’s Pushing Up to provide a Dark Path alternative.

From the long, murky nights of London and Montreal, to the bright lights of Las Vegas and Los Angeles, the Arkham Knights journey is one to be proudly watched. And indeed, The Fall from Innocence EP is a significant milestone.