Arkham Knights – Knightvision

Release date: 2019-05-17

As the massive Electric Daisy Carnival 2019 in Las Vegas beckons, so does one of the most anticipated releases in the short history of Arkham Knights. Continuing their ascension as one of the most in-demand and sought after acts in dance music, they mark their sophomore EDC performance with the anthemic Knightvision.

The track marks an impressive third release for the Turner brothers in 2019 to date; and follows their highly praised five-track Fall from Innocence EP, which coincided and emanated throughout the annual Miami Music Week.

Knightvision’s origins can be traced back further, to the annual Transmission: The Awakening extravaganza, during Markus Schulz’s acclaimed performance; and followed by rapturous response during this year’s Ultra Music Festival and Dreamstate Europe.

Combining their tech and techno-influenced power bassline and percussion, Knightvision’s peak melody is a barn-storming experience for the live dancefloors, and is sure to light up the electric sky as they take to the EDC spotlight once again.