Arkham Knights – Legacy

Release date: 2016-02-22

Heralded by Markus Schulz as one of the most exciting prospects currently in the scene, UK outfit Arkham Knights follow up the enormous Knightfall with a potentially even bigger successor, and perhaps aptly titled “Legacy”.

The duo, consisting of brothers Ben and Stuart Turner, were subject to an eye-raising portion of Markus Schulz’s set at Transmission, where their talents were showcased through three successive compositions. With Knightfall playing a role on the Ministry of Sound Trance Nation compilation, Legacy bubbled underfoot as an ID since being debuted during a Mexico City World Tour.

Fusing driving tech with emotionally touched trance, Legacy’s uplifting nature has delivered in every setting – from the clubs to Global DJ Broadcast to the grand arena stages of Transmission and Dreamstate.

An anthem primed to deliver, Legacy is essential.