Coldharbour Selections Part 39

Release date: 2015-11-30

A long-standing aspect of Markus Schulz’s decade-plus Coldharbour Recordings story is the multi-track Coldharbour Selections series; with three different artists showcased through tried and tested measures on Global DJ Broadcast.

However, for this edition of Selections, all three tracks are key components extracted from Markus’ acclaimed entry for Ministry of Sound’s heralded Trance Nation compilation; helping to break the record of unreleased track exclusives featured on the CD in the process.

Both Dan Thompson & Ron Alperin made their Coldharbour bow on the last Coldharbour Selections, with their respective tracks Stealth and Knockout. They combine forces to great effect with The Punisher, and will be a peak-time stomper for the remainder of the year at least.

One of the most consistently reliable members of the Coldharbour family is Brazilian Danilo Ercole. And his rich vein of form continues with Format; a deeper affair, but one that works just as effectively in a peak setting as it does in the darker hours. And rounding out the package is talented Irishman Artisan. He builds on the momentum of Rampage with Worlds Apart, with a beautiful uplifting melody included.

All three tracks have made an impact through Trance Nation, and now the full versions are available to you.