Coldharbour Selections Part 44

Release date: 2020-02-21

A new year at Coldharbour marks the return of an old favorite label concept – the Coldharbour Selections series. Now in its 44th iteration, Selections continues in the tradition of providing three excellent pieces from three different outlets.

And in highlighting the ethos of providing new talent with a platform to shine, Ben McConnell accepts the challenge and easily passes with the gorgeous Ziba – one for the lower paced trance admirers.

The other two tracks have shone already through Nifra’s Follow Me compilation, as Coldharbour favorite Mike EFEX serves up a signature slice of tech-trance with Fireball. And another in the form of Dave Neven, contributes well in collaborative fashion with Sean & Xander for a big peak hour anthem, Phoenix Rising.

All three mark a welcome return to Coldharbour Selections.