Danilo Ercole – Scroll E.P.

Release date: 2014-03-10

It’s always a treat for Coldharbour fans when Brazilian Danilo Ercole demonstrates his talents, and the Curitiba native delivers three tracks which have been hugely anticipated for quite some time.

Following his appraised excursions on Markus Schulz’s Buenos Aires ’13 compilation, yielding Point of View and Freezing Rain, Danilo’s work has shined throughout many DJ playlists on an almost weekly basis, through original and instrumental.

But to launch 2014, there are fewer tracks on Global DJ Broadcast which have garnered as much favoritism as leading track Scroll. A highlight of the recent New York World Tour, the track possesses a dark, menacing mood that impulses the dance floor into a feverish groove. The Tomorrowland-featured Cruzer shows off Danilo’s techy tendencies, whilst Hot Cue has been an ever-present in Markus’ solo sets since the summer.

All three tracks can easily find themselves interspersed within one set due to their diversity and effectiveness. And combined, it means that Danilo Ercole’s momentum looks set to increase throughout 2014.