Danilo Ercole – The Drill

Release date: 2018-04-14

A firm favorite among label followers for many years, Coldharbour welcomes back Danilo Ercole to the fold; as he enters his tenth year as a family member with the melodically driving piece The Drill.

Described by Markus Schulz as one of his reliable go-to producers when it comes to mix-compilation worthy content, the Brazilian was on hand once again when the call came for Markus’ Techno Club CD entry in Germany.

Setting the scene for the peak hours to commence, The Drill starts gently, but the adrenaline soon emanates through the speakers, with the energy just waiting to pop open.

An essential for the trance playlists, The Drill adds to an impressive Coldharbour portfolio under Danilo’s guise. His reliable traits continue.