Dark Matter – Future Sight

Release date: 2018-02-02

Danish resident Jack Høye is one of the great new minds invigorating modern day trance music; boasting a broad diversity across his palette of work. For Global DJ Broadcast followers, his Dawn and Dark Matter aliases have been championed in recent years, with the latter under focus with a wonderful first original release for Coldharbour, titled Future Sight.

Already garnering support through Markus Schulz with tracks such as The Great Escape and his remix of You & I for the Watch the World Deluxe album, Jack was on hand to deliver a special piece primarily for the most recent instalment of the legendary Techno Club series in Germany. Further support in the live environment and on Global DJ Broadcast has followed.

A quintessential dark-lifting vibe, both in terms of drive and atmosphere, Future Sight makes for an optimistic outlook for progressive trance in 2018. Whether utilized for the live environment or for the radio; it sets the tone for an evening perfectly.