Dave Neven pres. Ocata – Travelling

Release date: 2018-10-08

Since becoming a regular presence in the Coldharbour family, Los Angeles resident Dave Neven has continually showcased his melodic tones through powerful and energetic layers. Until now.

Upon receiving news that Markus Schulz had been chosen to mix the heralded In Search of Sunrise 14 compilation, Dave conceived a new alias for the label; inspired by both his memories of that particular famed series, and his love for the progressive side of trance.

Enter Ocata, and his first foray under the alter ego titled Travelling.

Presented in two versions, the 123bpm original from ISOS 14 and the 128bpm club friendly alternative, Travelling carries a hypnotic ascension throughout, and is an ideal scene setter when determining the mood of a set. Whether it’s Dave Neven as himself or as Ocata, the quality is there for all to hear.