Dave Neven presents Ocata – Above the Clouds

Release date: 2021-10-22

A man of many talents, Dave Neven has demonstrated his ability to excel in the dance music world under multiple guises. However, for his entries towards Markus Schulz‘s In Search of Sunrise journeys, his deeper Ocata alias rises to prominence. For 2021 and the 17th edition, he finds his headspace Above the Clouds.

The track marks his fourth contribution overall to In Search of Sunrise – all under the Ocata realm – following on from valued pieces such as Travelling (ISOS 14), Sirens in the Sky (ISOS 15) and A Glimmer of Hope (ISOS 16).

Above the Clouds, however, could well be his most significant contribution yet; becoming one of Markus Schulz‘s vital setlist inclusions throughout the duration of summer. A wonderful means of opening a DJ set, Above the Clouds inspires from opening note to last.