Daxson & Dan Thompson – Echoes In Eternity

Release date: 2020-06-19

Individually, these two gentlemen have achieved storied individual success through the Coldharbour prism. So when Daxson and Dan Thompson unite visions for the first time, it’s an occasion to be noticed. They present “Echoes in Eternity”.

Both producers form part of the strong array of UK talent that have contributed richly towards the trance scene in recent years, including original outings on the label in 2020 already, in the form of Daxson’s Atomica and Thompson’s Twilight.

For Echoes in Eternity, the journey begins with an infectious bassline packed full of punch and groove; gliding towards the melodic touch in which both men excel. An immediate attention grabber, it’s a piece that delightfully heats up the summer nights.