Daxson & Numa – The Only Way

Release date: 2022-09-16

The countdown towards Daxson‘s significant milestone of a debut career artist album has almost reached its conclusion, with the final step highlighting another emotionally-driven vocal trance piece in The Only Way.

The Manchester-based DJ and producer have firmly established himself as one of Coldharbour Recordings’ flag bearers of immense quality in recent years, with 2022 alone highlighted by outings such as Enamour, 7th Dimension, and his debut vocal collaboration with Nation of One for Now or Never.

Extracted ahead of his Face the Future release, The Only Way sees Daxson in tandem with Numa and, in his own words, ‘Represents the things in life we can’t control, the hurdles that we are faced with and how we keep moving forward to get through them.’

Unsurprisingly with that mantra, The Only Way embodies all the hallmarks of the emotional surge in which a Daxson production has become so recognized and admired. The journey towards Face the Future has been extensive, and the destination is imminent.