Daxson vs. Solis & Sean Truby – Trinity

Release date: 2019-07-29

In their respective cases, Daxson and Solis & Sean Truby have amassed an impressive portfolio of work for Coldharbour to date. Now their strengths are combined, with the three individuals involved uniting for Trinity.

Both these UK-based outfits have had quite an impact on the label in 2019 already; with Daxson’s Culture Shock and Solis & Sean Truby’s remix of Markus Schulz & Christina Novelli’s Symphony of Stars becoming immediate pillars of rapport with both radio and live audiences.

Hand-picked by fellow Coldharbour family member Nifra, for her debut mix compilation Follow Me, Trinity has all the hallmarks of a modern day trancer to reverberate across the peak hours of clubs and festivals. It is one that will do the business in this busy summer season.