Dylhen – Drift

Release date: 2018-03-02

Earmarked by Markus Schulz as one of the developing talents to watch, Dylhen opens his Coldharbour account for 2018 with his most stunning and trance-driven composition to date, in the form of Drift.

Already becoming one of the go-to guys in the modern day progressive genre, with gems such as Memories and I Dream, Markus Schulz challenged Dylhen to broaden his horizons into the faster tempos in which trance identifies itself. It proved to be a fruitful task, as Drift is a lusciously stunning melodic piece which sets the emotions pulsing.

Having notched up appearances in Markus Schulz’s acclaimed Sunrise Set, as well as his Techno Club CD compilation mix, Drift is a perfect set opener for the main hours of the night – setting the mood for happiness and more. It will lead to more plaudits reaching the way of Dylhen.