Fisherman – Love vs. Lust

Release date: 2019-09-06

Throughout 2019, Fisherman has enlightened us with his thought-provoking Versus series on Coldharbour – with battle lines drawn between two opposing aspects we encounter through one’s journey of life. The final act explores attraction; as he presents Love vs. Lust.

In many ways – one leads to the other – the intensity, the thrill of the chase and the endorphin impulse of lust; but a feeling that does not last beyond instant gratification. In the pursuit of happiness, lust fades away to the emergence of emotions, tenderness and togetherness; with love as the ultimate victor.

Combining the thrills and the emotions, it is thanks to Fisherman’s qualities that he is able to demonstrate both with distinction in his Love vs. Lust piece; much like the previous three entries of the Versus story.

And in doing so, the Dutchman brings the four chapter arc to a conclusion. It is a journey throughout worth exploring.