Fisherman – Predator vs. Prey

Release date: 2019-02-22

Hot off the success of his combined hosting and production duties on the anthem for his much praised Airwalk Festival, Fisherman follows up on The Jaguar with quite an ambitious project, comprising of four specialized pieces for 2019; with an emphasis on opposing roles. The first of which is the intriguingly titled “Predator vs. Prey”.

Part of an overall collective EP bearing the name of “Versus”; each individual composition will be individually curated and linked throughout this calendar year; with the opening act illustrating roles that many of us can endure in a particular life setting.

In his own words, the Venlo native describes the thought process – “As I think a lot of you, friends, fans and family can relate to the story behind it. Life is full of challenges and we set our own goals, each and every one of us. But society can sometimes throw itself right in-between ourselves and those specific goals… like a true predator.”

The predatory element of the piece lies patently in its bassline; Menacing while hovering between different rhythms as the tension builds; giving way to the emotionally vulnerable prey. The chase between the two begins, reflected in the anthemic qualities we have become accustomed to under Fisherman’s portfolio of work.

A scene of nature that will play out bombastically on the dancefloor; but Predator vs. Prey has a motivational resonance behind it all. The predatory instincts in fighting for everything you earn, and the preyfulness in combating obstacles and barriers put agains you.