Jam El Mar & Adina Butar – Right In The Night

Release date: 2018-07-06

Having been inspired through her extensive visits to Germany in recent years, Coldharbour’s Romanian songstress Adina Butar was compelled to pay tribute to one of the country’s founding and most influential pieces in the entire history of trance music, with the phrase of “Right in the Night” as distinguishable as any.

Originally created and released by legendary duo Jam & Spoon in 1993, Right in the Night’s resonance is never far away for admirers of the vocal trance genre. Through the blessing, and indeed a fresh respray by Jam El Mar himself, the wheels were set in motion to recreate a moment of nostalgia, and gracefully introduce it into the modern-day conversation. On the flipside, Romanian outfit Soundland add a beautifully laid-back and sun-drenched picture.

A staple of Markus Schulz’s sets for over a year, Jam and Adina’s graceful tones and recreation of Right in the Night will appeal to fans of today and yesterday.