Kalbee & Raimer – Never Expected

Release date: 2019-05-10

The Coldharbour family welcomes a new duo to its roster, and one forged from a friendship established through a love for electronic music, despite being thousands of miles apart. Kelby Geffers and Jared Raymer unite as Kalbee & Raimer, and introduce themselves to the label with Never Expected.

The pair had been on the radar of Jam El Mar, and when alerting Markus Schulz of Never Expected, this melodic techno fusion became an immediate must-sign in his eyes.

Debuted on the recent Global DJ Broadcast Afterdark presentation, Never Expected‘s haunting and hypnotic tones quickly became a firm favorite among listeners and open to close solo set attendees.

Consequently, few will debut on Coldharbour as impressively as Kalbee & Raimer.