Kamaya Painters – Wasteland (Nifra & Fisherman Remix)

Release date: 2020-11-13

Around the turn of the millennium, the Kamaya Painters project by Tiesto and Benno de Goeij unveiled a plethora of cherished compositions together, with their stature and admiration only growing as time has passed. Two decades on, another duo in tandem pays tribute to a piece of influence, as Nifra and Fisherman present a fresh interpretation of the classic Wasteland.

Initially beginning life as an exclusive bootleg, this remix of Wasteland first surfaced during their back to back performance live at A State of Trance 950 in Utrecht. However, while the world entered a phase of closed doors, this one in particular opened; providing the blessing for Nifra to include the remix as a pivotal piece in her Follow Me 2 mix compilation, and thus increasing its legacy.

With early support from Markus Schulz on his To’hajiilee stop on the Escape Tour, Nifra and Fisherman‘s distinguishable sounds provide a modern-day coating of Wasteland, whilst maintaining the care required in preserving the soul of the original.