Markus Schulz – Avalon (Los Angeles)

Release date: 2015-08-31

The City of Angels has played an intrinsic role throughout Markus Schulz’s storied career, and as part of his 2015 city series production project, this relationship was a certainty to be honored. And with Avalon, it is upheld in emotionally beautiful fashion.

Los Angeles was among the first municipals anywhere in the world to embrace Markus’ body of work. And thanks in particular to the long nights and mornings of paying tribute to the DJing art at the hallowed Avalon nightclub in Hollywood, the bonds established by fans from near and afar could only be expressed with a production like this.

Avalon is spine-tingling trance at its very best, with a melody which will sweep you away. A contender for summer anthem, the impact of Avalon will reach far beyond Southern California.