Markus Schulz – Bells of Planaxis

Release date: 2019-11-29

The famed Daybreak Sessions at the legendary Tomorrowland festival – the opportunity to build anticipation on the main stage at one of the world’s biggest festivals; and starting from nothing. Harnessed with multiple experiences, Markus Schulz dovetails Tomorrowland with the emotion of In Search of Sunrise, with the beautifully emotive Bells of Planaxis.

The early template of the track, utilized to proclaim Schulz’s arrival at the iconic setting, laid the foundations towards what would be his ‘doors open’ track of choice for his acclaimed open to close solo set performances across a twelve-month period. And despite being on the slower end of trance’s bpm scale, it certainly does not lack in the nerve-striking feelings as the journey progresses through the minutes.

It became the vital opening piece in Markus’ In Search of Sunrise 2015 entry. And in the process, Bells of Planaxis marks another milestone for Coldharbour Recordings – celebrating the label’s 375th release. And it does so with grace and class.