Bombay (Mumbai)

Markus Schulz – Bombay (Mumbai)

Release date: 2015-05-25

Markus Schulz‘s journeyed worldwide chronicles continue at a relentless pace into the month of May, as his ambitious calendar city series project reaches its fifth month; touching down in the subcontinent and the Indian city of Mumbai.

A city with quite a story of its own, the Miami native finds a unique inner peace when immersed in its vast surroundings; a sense of retracing footsteps from a previous encounter. Coupled with India’s exponential embrace of dance music in recent times, Schulz felt compelled to signify an extensive tour of the country with a composition representing old and new.

And his methodology has proved to be memorable, by paying tribute to the classic 1999 track Sweet Release by the Trouser Enthusiasts; with his own interpretation entitled “Bombay” – the predecessor title of Mumbai.

Ever since debuting the piece at the annual Ultra Music Festival in Miami, Bombay has received adulation thanks to its soul-touching mood and euphoric drive. Embraced by everyone whose affections lie towards trance, this will be an anthem celebrated beyond the month of May and beyond Indian borders, as Markus Schulz’s city series continues to gather momentum.