Markus Schulz feat. Lady V – Erase You (Remixes)

Release date: 2014-09-22

They say that every stalker anthem story needs a good sequel, and when envisaging a second Scream album chapter, this thought lay at the forefront of Markus Schulz’s mindset.

Acting as a followup to Ana Diaz’s deeply resonated Nothing Without Me, the connection towards Lady V’s angelic efforts on Erase You became paramount at an early stage; as multiple video recordings of Markus’ gig performances spread throughout YouTube, in similar vein to its predecessor 18 months earlier.

Beautiful yet haunting, Lady V’s performance shines throughout, with the key sentence of “I Can’t Erase You” provoking multiple thoughts and emotions. The original quickly became a standout fan favorite amongst club attendees and Global DJ Broadcast listeners, and has remained one of the most requested tracks for both mediums all year long.

To compliment the original, Markus recruits several personal favorites, with each providing their unique interpretation on this anthem.

The personnel includes the new newest signings to Markus’ Schulz Music Group booking empire – Slovakian Nifra, one of the shining lights for females in the DJ industry, stars with her famed swaggering bassline and booming melodic nature. The remix has already starred at Markus’ Amnesia Ibiza residency. Also on board is talented Dallas upcomer Omair Mirza, who has captured the imagination of followers with his originals High Roller and Chain Reaction. His remix provides the typical cocktail of genres fused as his own.

And last but not least, Markus’ good friends Wellenrausch are on hand to deliver two special remixes. The much admired duo, consisting of Torsten Fassbender and Markus Geisberger, has won the hearts of many thanks to their Dark Matter remix series, and their take on Erase You is in similar vein. However, they also go one step further with an even deeper effort; the Foxhole Version will be an unearthed gem.

Erase You is proof that a sequel can match the expectation and amour of an original story. Markus and Lady V’s collaboration will forever be associated with one of trance’s finest moments in 2014.

Markus Schulz feat. Lady V – Erase You (Remixes)
1. Nifra Remix
2. Omair Mirza Remix
3. Wellenrausch’s Dark Matter Remix
4. Wellenrausch’s Foxhole Remix