Markus Schulz and Fisherman & Hawkins – Gotham Serenade

Release date: 2015-12-21

As the holiday season approaches, Markus Schulz’s most ambitious production project to date reaches its crescendo. The subject matter marries the imminent closure of one of the world’s revered clubbing institutions.

For a man whose career has been defined by thinking outside the box, Schulz’s 2015 city series outlay marked a departure from the traditional one-destination compilation; with twelve municipals receiving a soundtrack to decorate an important club or festival setting, with notable highlights for Coachella, Tomorrowland and Transmission, as well as hallowed grounds of Stereo, Avalon, Space and Ministry of Sound.

Throughout the past decade, the Miami native’s association with Pacha in New York City has attracted fans from multiple states and countries; all flocking to experience his signature palette of sound in an open to close solo setting. Saturday December 26 marks the final chapter; which makes his Big Apple dedication even more poignant.

Along with his legion of followers, Schulz has also amassed a plethora of blossoming talent under his Coldharbour Recordings and Schulz Music Group homes. And like Nifra’s input for Prague’s Transmission theme, he recruits Fisherman & Hawkins for the New York piece, entitled “Gotham Serenade”.

The Dutch duo boasts an impressive 2015 on its own, with anthems such as Skypunch, Planet Unknown and Doppelbanger sonically revolving across many dancefloors, including their starring roles in New York Coldharbour Nights.

Together, the dark, melodic nature of Markus Schulz is fused with the tough and energetic anthem building of Fisherman & Hawkins; and yields a result worthy of the setting for Pacha’s final Saturday night.

Markus Schulz’s 2015 musical output reaches a fine conclusion. Gotham Serenade will reside well in the city that never sleeps.