Markus Schulz – Golden Gate [San Francisco]

Release date: 2015-03-23

Following Bucharest’s entry into his 2015 City Series concept, representing a scene of revolution, Markus Schulz travels across the Atlantic once again for March’s dedication, with the spotlight on a Californian municipal steeped richly in the history of electronic music.

The city of San Francisco has been home to many significant nights in Markus’ career, including several New Year’s Eve parties throughout the years. The Ruby Skye nightclub has been the setting for more Global DJ Broadcast World Tour recordings than any other, including the second disc of Markus’ World Tour Best of 2012 longplayer. Markus’ return to the venue on Friday March 20 has been heralded and anticipated by the Bay Area faithful for quite some time; as it will signify his signature open to close solo set performance, his first since that World Tour CD recording night. San Francisco therefore became a natural frontrunner to be showcased through the series, and with the city itself symbolized on a global scale by its Golden Gate Bridge, the choice of title was an easy one.

Combining those factors, and thanks to countless memories and connections with the Ruby Skye venue, Markus’ effort on Golden Gate is fitting for the beautiful setting it represents; yielding a concurrent soul and drive. A track which will hook you in to several listens simply to appreciate the multiple layers involved, Golden Gate has already become an early Global DJ Broadcast listener favorite.

Markus’ chronicled travels continue in grand fashion. Golden Gate is a keeper.