Markus Schulz – Lost In The Box (London)

Release date: 2015-06-29

The sixth entry in Markus Schulz’s chronicled production series for 2015 focuses on a city very close to his heart; one which has played a hugely significant role in his life and career, and still does today. The English capital of London.

Stemming from a two year musical rehabilitation immersed in Brixton, Markus’ storied career owes enormous gratitude to the vibrancy and club culture of London; most notably thanks to being home to the iconic Ministry of Sound fixture.

Firstly as a clubber, before returning with the honor of international resident, Markus holds the accolade with dear regard. And a key component has been those countless long nights in control of the musical landscape from the club’s main room – The Box.

Therefore, it was only appropriate that as part of his city series vision, the MOS residency and the city of London would be highlighted with a melodic driving trancer to touch the soul, and as the title suggests, to become “Lost in the Box”, within the confines of the world famous club.

This is Markus Schulz’s ode to London.