Markus Schulz - The Lost Oracle

Markus Schulz – The Lost Oracle

Release date: 2016-10-31

It stands as the leading indoor event dedicated to trance music on the European continent, with all roads leading to Prague on October 29thfor the decade-reaching milestone and spectacle that is Transmission. Throughout its journey, Markus Schulz has been pivotal towards every crucial step.

As well as becoming the premier ambassador for Transmission on an international form, his contributions go beyond a DJ performance; where his production talents are under the spotlight through the creation of another breathtaking anthem.

Marking the occasion for 2016 is The Lost Oracle – inspired by the ancient Greek period and the discovery of innocence. Melancholic and uplifting in equal measures, this is an anthem that is sure to inspire beyond the confines of Prague, and beyond the October 28th and 29th weekend of Transmission.

But for the extravaganza itself, the trancefamily members will be part of something unforgettable; with The Lost Oracle providing a fitting musical tale for their memories.