Markus Schulz Presents: Coldharbour Selections Part 35

Release date: 2014-05-12

As Coldharbour Recordings swiftly approaches the milestone of 175 releases, number 174 is another chapter of an ever-present aspect of the label from the outset – the Coldharbour Selections series. Boasting three tracks selected by label owner Markus Schulz himself, they are all tried and trusted over many dance floors.

Leading the way is stalwart Elevation. Never short of breathtaking melodies, Stadium Control is no different, and comes accompanied with surges of power that lit up the closing stages of the recent Buenos Aires compilation. The track is perfect for those peak hour moments as festival season looms.

Melbourne’s Aaron Camz makes a welcome return to the label, and his track Emission has become one of the most sought after destructive tools over the past 12 months. A constant in Markus’ live sets throughout festivals and solo sets, the track has clocked multiple Global Selection wins on Global DJ Broadcast, and will be welcomed by many who have waited.

And last but not least, Coldharbour Selections continues its tradition for debuting new talent. And it’s a grand hello to the talented Omair Mirza, as the Dallas native makes an instant impact with Chain Reaction. A huge contribution to Markus’ recent Scream 2 Bus Tour, the track combines the perfect balance of bigroom aggression with piano-laiden melodica.

Coldharbour Selections Part 35 is here. Take your pick.