Markus Schulz Presents Coldharbour Selections: Part 36 (Mainstage Edition)

Release date: 2014-07-28

It’s another busy festival season, and Coldharbour boss Markus Schulz selects four tracks which will prove to be essential throughout the duration of the summer.

They lit up last summer with their anthem Trickster, and Miami duo Grube & Hovsepian are back at it again with a followup in similar vein by name and by nature – entitled Prankster. Romanian Mr. Pit also delivers in anthemic fashion with Time Traveller, and both tracks are perfect for those peak moments in the live sets.

On the flip side, the beats become darker with the remaining two tracks. Dallas native Omair Mirza, who made his Coldharbour entrance with a bang thanks to Chain Reaction, is back again with another smash named High Roller. And Polish duo Purple Stories, starring for their diversity in production, opt for a big room flavor with Tarantula’s Lair.

Whatever festival you play or attend this summer, these four tracks are sure to deliver the goods.

Markus Schulz Presents Coldharbour Selections: Part 36 (Mainstage Edition)
1. Grube & Hovsepian – Prankster
2. Mr. Pit – Time Traveller
3. Purple Stories – Tarantula’s Lair
4. Omair Mirza – High Roller