Markus Schulz presents Dakota – Mindshaft

Release date: 2022-05-27

For almost a year, Markus Schulz‘s Dakota alias has provided the launchpad for 2022’s acclaimed Down the Rabbit Hole club and arena concept. A specially curated mini-album is on the way, with a remaining step through the new single, Mindshaft.

A play on words, referencing the deep, narrow tunnel towards a mineMindshaft starts out on a hypnotic trail. Each layer of melody adds to the tension and anticipation. A tech-fused surge becomes its signature groove at its midpoint, leaning upon its euphoric techno core.

Premiered during his Down the Rabbit Hole performance live at Dreamstate Europe in Poland, Mindshaft is another important step on the ladder towards Markus Schulz‘s Dakota revival. A journey that has almost reached its crescendo.