Markus Schulz presents Dakota – Tuluminati

Release date: 2021-12-10

As Markus Schulz closes the 2021 entry in his storied career, he turns to his Dakota alias for the final act. And in the form of Tuluminati, it is one aptly marking the crescendo of a calendar.

An alternative and introverted perspective towards his musical vision, the Dakota spectrum has become more techno inspired than ever before in 2021; evidenced by predecessors such as Avalon 6AM and Kanan.

A standout from settings such as Transmission in Prague and Stereo in MontrealTuluminati‘s adrenaline-fuelled domain has been one of the biggest attention grabbers for the Miami resident throughout the latter half of 2021. A composition where the rhythm and percussion instincts are king, it’s another step into Dakota‘s darker waters.