Markus Schulz – Return from the Sand Sea

Release date: 2021-10-01

Across his much-storied career, Markus Schulz has achieved a multitude of accolades. But being charged with the responsibility of carrying the highly heralded In Search of Sunrise compilation series towards a new generation is one he holds most dear. Extracted from the 17th edition is his highly anticipated instrumental piece; Return from the Sand Sea.

Jn an effort to present exclusively unreleased and legacy-cementing soundscapes within his ISOS contributions, Markus has harnessed his ability to tailor his sound to reflect the appropriate ambiance. Often a solo, and at times, an introverted effort, his In Search of Sunrise yielded singles have proved to be continual highlights, and adding another chapter to an already rich story.

Upon ISOS 17‘s unveiling, many instantly gravitated towards Return from the Sand Sea as their highlight. Encapsulating reflective and emotive trance at its finest, it’s one that is worthy of a Coldharbour release milestone.