Markus Schulz & Sarah de Warren – Light On

Release date: 2023-08-11

The mantra behind Markus Schulz‘s latest album artistry, The Rabbit Hole Circus, is driven by a soulful, introverted nature. Sounds felt within; sonic resonance beneath the surface. A key component from the album in the form of the Sarah de Warren-starring Light On comes under full extraction and focus.

Defined by his passionate drive and influence across multiple layers of the dance music industry, Markus Schulz weaves a distinguishable fusion through The Rabbit Hole Circus explorations; combining darkened progressive moods with rhythmic techno stylings, wrapped around a trance-inspired emotion in which he has become accustomed for many years.

Light On registers a first-time tandem with Sarah de Warren; a vocalist who has excelled across dance music’s broad spectrum, recognized for work alongside Lucas Estrada, Kaskade, Gareth Emery and Tritonal.

Quickly establishing itself as a fan favorite upon The Rabbit Hole Circus’ release, Light On is an emotionally stirring, feelgood ballad set to illuminate summer ambiances across club and festival realms; including the third outing of the acclaimed live experience of The Rabbit Hole Circus Tour, emanating from the famed halls of Avalon in Los Angeles on Saturday August 19.