Markus Schulz – Sunrise Over the Bay

Release date: 2019-11-22

Elated with the honor of mixing his first contribution to the legendary In Search of Sunrise series last year, Markus Schulz‘s focus towards another legacy moment continued almost immediately. The first fruits of his labor yielded one of the essential pieces of ISOS’s 15th outing – Sunrise Over the Bay.

While embracing influences from his various worldwide travels, this specific bay in question is close to home for Markus; Biscayne Bay, and the view which greeted him in his early morning routine. The germ of the idea first reached the public domain at Prague’s Transmission festival and became a sought ID since.

Demonstrating his broad range across the trance spectrum, Sunrise Over the Bay is very much in the faster-paced, an emotionally driven ground of which many of his much-loved anthems have been nurtured. And as 2019 turns to 2020, on top of its rightful place among ISOS history, it’s a piece that will move hearts and minds wherever it emanates.