Markus Schulz x BT – Prestwick

Release date: 2022-12-02

When Markus Schulz embarked upon his collaborative X series, it was inevitable that he would turn to one of his biggest sources of career inspiration. He’s delighted to once again work in tandem with the trailblazing BT for Prestwick.

As their friendship has grown, their musical input has become further interwoven, building upon previous collaborative hit I Need Love in the summer of 2019, and Markus carrying the honor of remixing BT’s iconic Remember for the heralded In Search of Sunrise series in 2021.

The Scottish coastal town of Prestwick is often the first sight of many when landing at the nearby airport, and its surroundings are beautifully captured by BT’s pensive-thinking hypnotic trance, weaved through Markus’ euphoric techno-influenced drive.

Tested throughout the summer and unveiled during this year’s Amsterdam Dance Event, it’s another wonderful dovetail between the respective talents.