Markus Schulz x KhoMha – Take Me

Release date: 2022-11-04

The fourth installment of Markus Schulz‘s collaborative X series signals a welcoming return to one of Coldharbour‘s great generational contributors, in tandem once again with KhoMha for Take Me.

The Colombian has an extensively rich history with the label, captivating followers from his initial forays such as Rainy in the Night and Mind Gamer and continuing to unwaver with his distinguishable bassline-driven ethos. His return with a beautiful remix of Markus and HALIENE’s Tidal Wave clamored the audience towards mentor and student dovetailing talents again.

Take Me originally began life as a demo made spontaneously by Markus in the run-up to 2021’s Transmission Festival in Prague, ably assisted by the spoken tones of one Adina Butar. Her call of ‘Take Me to the Underground’ blossomed a year later with KhoMha’s hypnotic grooves and has become an attention grabber since its unveiling at this year’s Amsterdam Dance Event festivities.

Excelling in euphoric techno-led terrain, Take Me helps move the X series from strength to strength.