Markus Schulz x Paul Oakenfold – Pendulum

Release date: 2023-03-10

A continual source of inspiration and mentorship throughout his career, it was inevitable that Markus Schulz would express a desire to collaborate with the legendary Paul Oakenfold. Part of Schulz’s X series, they combine for Pendulum.

Famed for his vast array of productions, legendary DJ sets, and Global DJ Broadcast radio show, Markus Schulz continues to be held as a key tastemaker across multiple electronic genres. Three-time Grammy nominee Paul Oakenfold is an undeniable trailblazer in the music industry, embodying the pulse of trance music for three decades. On the back of releasing his Ready Steady Go autobiography, 2023 marks the 30-year celebration of his Perfecto label; as well as the immersive concert film Perfectoverse.

One of his greatest contributions to the scene has been the open communication to advise and guide others through his own experiences, something which Markus Schulz has continually valued. Their most recent musical intertwinement was a special themed remix of Oakenfold’s legendary piece Southern sun, playing an essential role in Schulz’s modern-day vision for the acclaimed In Search of Sunrise series.

Pendulum marks the sixth entry in the X series, following previous collaborations with acts such as BTArkham Knights, and KhoMha. Like the title suggests, a hypnotic swinging rhythm lays the foundation for a euphorically spiritual trance anthem; , marking Pendulum as the most uplifting in tone in the X series to date.