Markus Schulz x William Schneider – Through the Galaxies

Release date: 2022-06-24

Never one to rest on his laurels, Markus Schulz reveals a fresh bow to his acclaimed dance music production career, featuring a strand of unique collaborations across industry friends and peers, united by the letter X.

The opening foray sees him in tandem with a welcome addition to the Coldharbour roster in recent times, in the form of William Schneider. They combine for Through the Galaxies.

It is perhaps no surprise that his Euphoric Techno mantra is entirely in evidence with Schulz’s mind and heart immersed in his Dakota-fronted Odyssey to the Netherworld exploration for the past year. Schneider, a Romanian who has demonstrated excellent production versatility, both under his name and as ReDub, harnessed his tendencies for broody mood terrains with his Dreams We Made EP on Coldharbour Black.

A fiercely driven anthem that has a frenzied arena and festival-sized audiences at the likes of Dreamstate stops in Poland, and Los Angeles, Through the Galaxies, is quite an energetic adventure.