Mike EFEX – Collected: Volume One

Release date: 2023-12-15

Highlighting a selection of his most significant contributions to Coldharbour Recordings, Mike EFEX presents the opening offering from his Collected series; including the previously unreleased Orbiter and dub version of Lights.

A continuous beacon of quality across both trance and techno for well over a decade, it’s only appropriate to reflect and shine a light on the reasons why Mike EFEX is one of Coldharbour Recordings’ most beloved artists.

His In Search of Sunrise entries in Midnight ColoursEvolution and remix of Lange‘s Angel Falls are included, along with melodic techno offerings Shadow & Flame and Visions in the Dark. And for euphoric techno lovers, Monsters is complimented by the fast-tracked Orbiter, as well as the dub mix of Lights, which previously was made exclusively for Markus Schulz‘s livesets.