Mike EFEX - Typhoon E.P.

Mike EFEX – Typhoon E.P.

Release date: 2015-06-15

He made an impactful return to Coldharbour late last year with Machine City, and now Los Angeles native Mike EFEX delivers an enormous three track E.P. for the label; emphasizing beautiful melodies surrounded by some devilishly chaotic tech goodness.

Leading track Typhoon goes heavy on the percussion side; boasting huge doses of energy that will cause havoc in a live setting. Red Sky focuses more on the bassline and groove side of things, ideal for taking things a little dark. And Labyrinth gets down and dirty with acid influences.

With all three however, they are distinguished with Mike’s talent for creating beautiful and standout trance breakdowns; making his blend of sounds appealing for a broad board of followers, Markus Schulz included.