Mr. Pit – Space E.P.

Release date: 2016-05-09

His palette of work encompasses an important foundation throughout the history of Coldharbour Recordings, and Romanian native Mr. Pit returns to the spotlight again with an intriguing three-track selection of compositions through his Space E.P.

Leading track Destination Kepler has been a firm favorite of Markus Schulz, particularly when setting the scene for his recent open to close club sets. The fusion of Mr. Pit’s famed nasty beats and fabled melodies work a treat, with the hypnotic “Follow Me” vocal a welcome touch.

Supporting Destination Kepler is two more hypnotic affairs, with both Lychees and Space Toy making regular appearances during Mr. Pit’s sets through various worldwide Coldharbour Nights. Those who like their subtle melodies weaved with a dose of techy percussion will gravitate towards these.

Always a name to monitor, Mr. Pit’s work continues to innovate.