Nifra feat. Seri – Army of Lights [Remixes]

Release date: 2016-10-03

It has been a busy few months for the talented Slovakian Nifra, including her debut performance at the New York-held Dreamstate series. Hot on the heels of original instrumental Rebel, her freshman vocal project Army of Lights is given a fresh take for 2016; with two exciting remixes of varying style.

Alongside his wonderful Introspection album on Coldharbour, Canadian Solid Stone took on the challenge of providing a sexy and groovy take on Army of Lights, and received instant acclaim in the process. A vital cog in both his and Nifra’s warmup sets, it’s an excellent way to build the mood to an evening.

And for the peak hour, Kiev duo DRYM provide an energetic affair, receiving excellent response at Dreamstate and beyond. With support on both remixes from Markus Schulz, Army of Lights is once again set to brighten up those darkening evenings.